Your international student advisor may authorize a reduced (or no) course load for an aggregate period of up to 12 months should you experience a temporary illness or medical condition.


Before this reduction in course load can be authorized, you must obtain medical documentation from a licensed medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, or a licensed clinical psychologist. The reduced course load must be re-authorized each semester it is needed.


It is important to remember that the 12-month allowable period of reduced course load due to medical conditions is an aggregate period that is available to you during a course of study at a particular program level. When you change educational levels, you are eligible for another 12-month period.

International students who find that they are dealing with a serious medical problem may qualify for a reduced course load or a leave of absence. The students must, however, resume a full course of study upon recovery. A student who is on a leave maintains DHS status as a matriculant. Therefore, she is not eligible to earn credit at another college during her absence from Notre Dame.

Request a Reduced Course Load

The procedure for requesting a reduced course load or a medical leave of absence is as follows:

  1. A statement from a health-care practitioner requiring or recommending the interruption or reduction of studies should be brought to the Office of International Programs. Notre Dame of Maryland University may require that you are examined by the University affiliated physician.
  2. The Associate Dean of International Programs, after receiving the doctor's recommendation and in consultation with the academic adviser, will recommend a reduced course load to the Assistant Academic Dean.