Our mission is to help writers become better writers; and if you are student at Notre Dame of Maryland University, then you are a writer.

Our student consultants work with students from every year, every school, every major, and every grade level. We work with writers who think writing comes easily to them as well as writers who feel like they struggle to put words on a page.

Our Services

Writing consultants can help you:

  • Develop stronger essay topics
  • Think about the significance of what you have to say
  • Improve the support for and development of your ideas
  • Organize your material
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your style

All consultations are in person and free for members of the NDMU community.


Make an appointment or stop by during our walk-in hours for a writing consultation.

Schedule an Appointment

Consultation Process

A consultation lasts 45 minutes, and always starts on the hour, so make sure you are on time!

First, your student consultant will ask you questions about what you want to work on, how you write, what kind of assignment you have due, and other informal questions. They most likely will ask to look at your assignment sheet.

Next, they will talk more directly about your writing. If you brought a rough draft, they will go over it and talk with you about its strengths and help you to improve them. If you don’t have a rough draft with you, they will help you work through ideas so you can get a draft started. They might even ask you to do some spontaneous free-writing on the spot.

Finally, they will review the key points of the session.

After you have left, they will write-up a review of your consultation, which they send to you and any relevant professors.

How to Prepare for a Consultation
  • Bring a printed copy of your assignment
  • Bring printed copies of any rough drafts or writing you have done for the assignment
  • Know that your consultant wants to have a conversation with  you about your ideas and how you express them
  • Make sure you can make it to the consultation on time

Please note: Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are strongly encouraged. Consultations are limited to 45 minutes and always begin on the hour.

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