The Fearless Gator Wellness Program is committed to the health and well-being of our campus community, and understands the importance of making healthy choices that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

For the sake of the whole community we participate in wellness activities that sustain us on a physical, mental, and emotional level to carry out the mission and vision of NDMU. We encourage faculty and staff to explore the various resources available.

Through our Fearless Gator Wellness Program, we hope to:

  • Partner with each other and with external vendors to provide useful and relevant health and wellness information and learning opportunities for our community.
  • Connect our community with campus health and wellness resources and support.
  • Identify how to integrate wellness practices into the work day in ways that work for various positions and departments.
  • Expand the idea and practice of wellness beyond personal health to include healthy relationships and a healthy work environment.
  • Raise awareness about the correlation between our lifestyle choices and wellness.
  • Encourage commitment to personal responsibility for self-care as well as tending to the health of our community.
  • Encourage sharing these perspectives and practices with others in our community.
  • Identify ways the campus can further support individuals in having a healthy life



The purpose of the Wellness Ambassadors Program is to assist in expanding NDMU's culutre of wellness, increasing individual and departmental awareness, participation, and engagement in the campus resources, events, and programming opportunities that exist for the NDMU Community.

A Wellness Ambassador

  • is a NDMU faculty, or staff member who care deeply about their own health and wellness and that of others;
  • serves as each department's point of contact, connecting members to existing and upcoming available events, programming, and resources on campus;
  • provides important input to the NDMU Wellness Program that aids in the ongoing planning and implementation of initiatives that serve the needs of the community;
  • plays a critical role in leading and inspiring others to make healthy choices every day for a healthier lifestyle.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Spend 1-2 hours each month marketing and sharing new wellness opportunities with faculty/staff/students in your department and/or division;
  • Attend 3 Wellness Ambassador Meetings per year (September, January and June);
  • Collaborate with members of the Wellness Ambassador program on sharing needs and identifying potential strategies & programs for enhancing NDMU's culture of wellness;
  • Participate in wellness programs and activities and encourage participation among fellow faculty, staff and students.

*Ambassadors must obtain their supervisor's support and approval before committing to a one-year term as a NDMU Wellness Ambassador.


  • Opportunity to play a leadership role in positively influencing the health and well-being of your co-workers and our students, and contributing to expanding NDMU's culture of wellness;
  • Opportunity to assist in developing and supporting a culture of health and wellness within your department/division;
  • Recognition for service as a Wellness Ambassador;
  • Opportunity to build and strengthen peer and professional relationships across campus;

Contact Shannon Raum, human resources operations manager at to volunteer.

Monthly Newsletters
  • October 2020 - COVID-19 Resources and Mental Health Tips
  • September 2020 - COVID-19 Resources and Mental Health Tips
  • August 2020 - COVID-19 Resources and Mental Health Tips
  • July 2020 - COVID-19 Resources to Help Navigate this time and Keep us Connected
  • June 2020 - COVID-19 Resources to Help Naviagate this time and Keep us Connected
  • May 2020 - COVID-19 Resources to Help Naviagate this time and Keep us Connected
  • April 2020 - Sexual Assault Awareness Month & COVID-19 Resources
  • March 2020 - Women's History Month - Recipe of the Month: One Pan Chicken Parmesan Pasta
  • February 2020 - Heart Health Month - Recipe of the Month: Ginger Veggie Brown Rice Pasta
  • January 2020 - Self-Care Month - Recipe of the Month: Herbed Chicken Marsala
  • December 2019 - Fit and Festive - Recipe of the Month: Roasted Salmon with Spicy Cranberry Relish
  • November 2019 - Open Enrollment Month - Recipe of the Month: Cream of Turkey & Wild Rice Soup
  • October 2019 - Cold & Flu Prevention Month - Recipe of the Month: Sorghum Buddha Bowl
  • September 2019 - Preventive Care Month - Recipe of the Month: Chicken, Gnocchi and Broccoli
  • August 2019 - Fitness Month - Recipe of the Month: Grilled Shrimp with Mango, Lime and Radish Salsa
  • July 2019 - Sun Safety Month - Recipe of the Month: Extra Juicy Turkey Burgers
  • June 2019 - Men's Health Month - Recipe of the Month: Chickpea and Feta Salad
  • May 2019 - Blood Pressure Month - Recipe of the Month: Smoothies
  • April 2019 - National Autism Awareness Month - Recipe of the Month: Lemon Rosemary Salmon
  • March 2019 - National Nutrition Month - Recipe of the Month: Slow-Cooker "Corned Beef" & Cabbage
  • February 2019 - American Heart Month - Recipe of the Month: Beef & Bean Sloppy Joes
  • January 2019 - National Glaucoma Awareness Month - Recipe of the Month: Three-Bean Vegetarian Chili
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