Business and Economics Department
The Economics minor studies the way individuals and societies choose to use scarce resources in both the private and public sectors. Concepts are applied to nearly every aspect of human activity from ensuring food safety; supporting transportation systems and health care services; shaping international trade policy, government monetary and fiscal policy; and evaluating political, social, environmental and other issues.
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Required Courses

ECO 211 - Introduction to Macroeconomics (3)
ECO 212 - Introduction to Microeconomics (3)
ECO 311 - Applied Macroeconomics or ECO411 Topics in Economics or ECO463 Independent Study in Economics (3)
ECO 402 - Money and Banking (3)
ECO 404 - International Economics (3)
ECO 440 - Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources 
ECO 330 - Honors: Food Safety Risk Analysis (3)

What to Expect Studying at Notre Dame of Maryland University

Small classes, lectures and seminars provide a climate for individualized learning while research projects and diverse course topics offer an opportunity to customize the minor to your interests and goals.

Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith

Professors with Relevant Experience

Alum, NDMU Class of 2016
Business, Economics
The business program at NDMU provided me with the opportunity to learn under professors with relevant experience. The communication, networking, and technical skills I learned in the business classes all have proven to be invaluable to achieving my career goals. I'm currently a Senior Asset Management Analyst at American Electric Power.

Research & Internships

You can pursue research projects with faculty on topics of mutual interest within standard courses or through directed independent study.

Employment Opportunities

Examples of internship and employment opportunities include:

Economics Careers

Our economics graduates have careers in local, state and federal government agencies, as well as in the private sector. Many have pursued advanced degrees in economics, law, business and a variety of other fields.

Possible Career Opportunities

  • Business Firms
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Government Agencies
  • International Organizations
  • Environmental Organizations
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Entrepreneurship

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