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Political Science is a preparatory program for those with aspirations of assuming leadership positions in the legal profession, politics, or community activism. The curriculum offers unique perspectives on problems of political violence, terrorism, genocide, and human rights abuses, and provides experiential learning opportunities to grapple with these problems in real-world contexts.
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  • Political Science

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  • Political Science

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What Makes Our Program Unique

Our program also explores the special relationships of women to law and government—as lawmakers, leaders, and policymakers.

Four-Year Plan

Sample program of study for the political science major. Students should select courses with the assistance of a faculty advisor.

Fall Spring
First Year
NDMU-100 Perspectives in Education 4 POL-202 American Government in Comparative Perspective 3
POL-101 Introduction to Politics 3 Natural Science 4
Foreign Language 3 Philosophy or Religious Studies (200) 3
ENG-101 College Writing 3 General Education/Electives 6
History 3 [16 credits]  
[15 credits]      
Second Year
POL-103 Introduction to International Affairs 3 Philosophy or Religious Studies (300) 3
ECO-211 Macroeconomics 3 COM-106 Fundamentals of Oral Comm 3
Philosophy or Religious Studies (200) 3 Fine Arts 3
MAT-215 Basic Statistics 3 General Education/Electives 6
English Literature 3 [15 credits]  
[15 credits]      
Third Year
POL-361 Methods in Research 3 POL-312 Legal Reasoning 3
POL-430 International Organizations 3 HIS-330 European Foreign Relations 3
Philosophy or Religious Studies Values 3 POL-319 or 412 3
Physical Education 1 General Education/Electives 6
General Education/Electives 6 [15 credits]  
[16 credits]      
Fourth Year
HIS-404 U.S. Foreign Relations 3 POL-401 Political & Economic Globalization 3
General Education/Electives 12 POL-217 Civic Participation & Leadership 3
[15 credits]   POL-456 Senior Seminar 3
    General Education/Electives 6
    [15 credits]  

What to Expect Studying at Notre Dame of Maryland University

Small class sizes and personal attention provide a climate for individualized learning while custom electives, internships, and study abroad opportunities allow you to focus the major to your own interests and goals.

Jolisse Gray

Jolisse Gray

A Prestigious Fellowship

Student, NDMU Class of 2023
International Studies, Political Science
Jolisse is the first-ever NDMU recipient of the Newman Civic Fellowship. She is a passionate student leader invested in advancing the voices and stories of those of Latin American descent. “My on-campus participation at NDMU has led to opportunities to speak about issues and policies around the world with official ambassadors and consulates," said Jolisse. "Through the Newman Civic Fellowship, I seek the tools to further develop my global advocacy work for Latin America and continue my service to this community whom I call family.”

Research Opportunities

One of the hallmarks of our rich educational environment is the opportunity to participate in research in your field of interest.

Nancy Kreiter Student Research Day provides the perfect forum to showcase your hard work with a formal research presentation to the Notre Dame community.

Additional Opportunities

Our students have conducted research at a variety of institutions, including:

  • Local and State Government Agencies
  • Local, National, and International Non-Governmental Organizations
  • United Nations
  • Police and Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Supreme Court
  • National Security Agency
  • State Department

Political Science Careers

  • Law
  • Public Service
  • International Affairs
    • Global Advocacy
    • Humanitarian Assistance
    • National Security
    • Diplomacy
  • Non-Profit Sector
    • Foundations
    • Think Tanks
    • Non-Governmental Organizations  
  • Journalism
  • Academic Research
  • Teaching

Internships & Employment

Gaining experience through an internship is highly encouraged. Our faculty will work with you to find an appropriate placement.

Our graduates are employed at organizations such as:

Study Abroad

Notre Dame offers extensive opportunities to enrich your education and gain a global perspective through a study abroad experience.

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