About the Forum

The Charles J. Busta III Business Forum is designed to showcase the thoughts and experiences of business leaders, especially women, to encourage creativity and personal growth. The series was created in memory of Charles J. “CB” Busta, a Notre Dame trustee and marketing executive who died in 1999.

All individuals invited to speak are accomplished in their chosen fields. We seek inspirational professionals of integrity who have made a real difference, overcome significant obstacles, or delivered dramatic success. We primarily seek women professionals with these credentials to present strong role models who can set a standard of achievement for Notre Dame students.

Our invited speakers are chosen based on a strong set of credentials, including:

  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Humor
  • Competitive spirit balancing business, personal and spiritual life

2021 Forum

In 2021, the Women's Leadership Institute of Baltimore presented Alumnae Leaders Paving the Way

NDMU has been educating leaders for more than 125 years. What’s the secret to developing personal leadership and how does that extend to the business acumen necessary for professional success? Hear from a selection of outstanding recent alumnae.

Moderator: Nichole C. Gatewood, Esq ‘01, President, NDMU Alumnae and Alumni Council 


  • Tara Mathew Sahu ‘01, Coca-Cola North America
  • Michelle A. Streckfus ‘99, BUCC, NERC Management, Exelon
  • Queenstar Akrong ‘14, Founder & CEO, Adisa Advising and Associate Director, Partner Mobilization at the College Board