If you find yourself or a friend having a mental health crisis, please reach out to the Counseling Center for help. Currently, email is the best way to reach us: CounselCtr@ndm.edu

On Campus: Theresa Hall (THE) 016

If a counselor is not immediately available in the case of a clinical emergency, you can reach Marie Allee, Ph.D., Director of the Counseling Services, at 667-334-5577.


If you find yourself or a friend having a mental health crisis while on campus, please call Campus Security.  If you are off-campus, please reach out to the Maryland or Baltimore Crisis hotline.

  • Baltimore Crisis Response Hotline: 410-433-5175 (If you are on-campus or in Baltimore City)
  • Maryland Crisis Hotline: 1-800-422-0009 (If you are not on campus and are not in Baltimore City)

If you or another student is in imminent danger, call 911 or call Public Safety at 410-435-0100 or x6666 if you are on campus.

How can I help a friend who is suicidal?

Information from helpguide.org:

1. Speak up if you are worried.

Though it is natural to feel nervous about talking to your friend and bringing up your concern, they need help.  Your speaking up may be the beginning of them getting the help that they need. Refer them to resources like the Counseling Center for help. You can also share your concerns with your Community Assistant (CA), who could help you refer your friend to the Counseling Center.

2. Respond quickly in a crisis.

Check to see if your friend has a plan for suicide, the means to do it, a timeframe for their plan, and the intent to follow through.  If your friend’s safety seems to be in imminent danger, call 911 or a crisis hotline to get help immediately. You can even take them to the nearest emergency room.

3. Offer help and support.

Let your loved one know you are there for them and that they are not alone.  Provide encouragement as they seek the help and support that they need.

Resources for Students in Crisis

Urgent Care Locations Near Campus

Hospital/Emergency Rooms Near Campus