Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Studies
The bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at NDMU combines advanced concepts of mathematical sciences with programming and technology to develop problem solvers and critical thinkers. Equally important, our math majors are taught how to apply these concepts to practical scenarios and how to communicate solutions to non-technical audiences. A degree in mathematics is an asset in a data-driven world. It can prepare for graduate school or positions in analytics, finance, government, or technology.
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Features of the Math Program

  • Problem-Solving – tackling challenging problems and delivering solutions develop transferable skills for in-demand careers (engineering, software development, financial analysis, etc.)
  • Practical Application – emphasis on how mathematical concepts can be applied to solve real-world challenges
  • Career Options – pathways designed for your goals (graduate school, dual degree in physics and engineering, teaching certification, etc.)
  • Professional Development – opportunities to build your resume through internships and research
  • Women in STEM – empowerment and support entering a field in which women are underrepresented

Customize Your Education

At NDMU, our strength is our ability to weave your unique interests into your individual education. Faculty and advisors will help you craft an experience based on your aspirations through course electives or minors.

Double Major or Add a Minor

Many math majors choose to double major or add a minor such as business, biology, computer information systems, or physics to combine their interests and prepare for a particular career path.

For example, a mathematics major that aspires to work in finance and investment management could pair a minor in business or economics. Another interested in data privacy could pursue a double major with computer information systems.

Notre Dame offers courses in a wide variety of fields and subject areas, so the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Dual Degree Engineering Program

Through articulation agreements with premier engineering programs, NDMU offers a pathway to earn a BA in Mathematics from NDMU in 3-4 years followed by a BS in Engineering in 2-3 years from one of the following universities:

The Dual Degree Engineering Program includes opportunities for chemistrycomputer information systemsmathematics, and physics majors. Contact the program coordinator to discuss your interests and goals to determine the most appropriate program for you.

Note: Admission to engineering schools is competitive and is not guaranteed.

Pursue a Teaching Career

If your dream is to ultimately become a teacher, our advisors can help you pair the classes needed to earn your Secondary Education Certification. This will prepare you to become certified to teach math in secondary schools (grades 7-12).

Mathematics Minor

The Minor in Mathematics provides a foundation in mathematical concepts, which enhances understanding of principles of science and technology.

Majors that often add a math minor include chemistry, biology, computer information systems, and physics.

Four-Year Plan

Sample program of study for the mathematics major. Students should select courses with the assistance of a faculty advisor.

Fall Spring
First Year
MAT-211 Calculus I 4

MAT-212 Calculus II

** MAT-110 Discrete Mathematics 3

CST-171 Programming Concepts+

NDMU-100 Perspectives in Education 3

General Education/Electives

General Education/Electives 6

[16 credits]

[16 credits]      
Second Year
CST-295 C++: Object Oriented Programming+ 3

MAT-243 Linear Algebra

MAT-213 Calculus III 3

MAT-215 Basic Statistics

PHY-101 General Physics I

PHY-102 General Physics II

General Education/Electives 6

General Education/Electives

[16 credits]  

[16 credits]

Third or Fourth Year (odd fall, even spring years)
**MAT-311 Theory of Probability 3

**MAT-303 Analysis


*MAT-307 Numerical Analysis


*MAT-305 Geometry

General Education/Electives 9

**MAT-425 Simulation & Modeling

[15 credits]  

General Education/Electives


[15 credits]

Third or Fourth Year (even fall, odd spring years)
**MAT-301 Abstract Algebra 3

*MAT-309 Number Theory

* MAT-406 Complex Variables 3

*MAT-315 Differential Equations

General Education/Electives 9

**MAT-455 History of Mathematics

[15 credits]  

General Education/Electives


[15 credits]


+ One of these two courses is required.
* Cycled elective course.
** Cycled required course.

MAT-215 Basic Statistics is offered every semester and can be taken at any time.


One of the hallmarks of the rich educational environment at NDMU is the opportunity to participate in research in your field of interest. Our annual Nancy Kreiter Student Research Day provides the perfect forum to showcase your hard work with a formal research presentation to the NDMU community.

Our faculty also work with math majors to identify additional research opportunities. For example, NDMU students have participated in the eight-week Research Experience for Undergraduates hosted by the University of Michigan.


Internships for mathematics majors are highly encouraged. An internship is an excellent opportunity to explore your interests, apply classroom learning, and gain valuable real-world experience to boost your resume.

Several NDMU math majors have recently taken part in the National Security Scholars Program (NSSP). NSSP is a competitive program that offers opportunities for scholarships, assistance with national security clearance processing, internships, and future employment.

Capstone Experience

In the fourth year, math majors complete a two-part capstone experience. First, they take everything learned and write an essay about how they have grown as a mathematician.

The second part is an independent research project. Math majors choose a topic of interest to research beyond what was covered in class and develop a poster or presentation.

The capstone experience is an opportunity to reflect on your growth, further explore your interests in the field, and prepare to present your work professionally.

Danielle Neumeister

Danielle Neumeister

Future Engineer

Student, NDMU Class of 2015
Mathematics, Physics
Notre Dame’s campus has seen lots of construction activity—and one of our students has helped bring some of those projects to fruition. Danielle spent the summer of 2014 as a project engineer intern with the Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, one of the country's largest general contracting and construction management companies.

Math Careers

The ability to think critically, analyze data, and solve complex problems is valuable in today’s data-driven world. A mathematics degree can open many opportunities in high demand fields including analytics and forecasting, finance, intelligence, and medicine.

Graduates of the NDMU mathematics program have secured positions at organizations such as:

Graduate Programs

Many with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics choose to later pursue a graduate program. Potential master’s programs include:

  • Data Analytics
  • Pure or Applied Mathematics
  • Education

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