The pharmacy profession is evolving, and NDMU is helping to push that evolution. Our Pharmacy Studies program combines the latest practices and philosophies with a distinct focus on leadership development, and it lays the foundation to further your pursuit of the field through our Doctor of Pharmacy program.  

Moreover, at NDMU, you will experience a low student-to-faculty ratio and learn from supportive faculty across the spectrum  of clinical, administrative, and pharmaceutical science. Plus, our location in Baltimore (and nearby Washington, D.C.) provides a wealth of opportunities for experiential learning, including rotations at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, FDA, NIH, and other world-class organizations.
Doctor of Pharmacy
Program Location

The School of Pharmacy, which offers the Pharm.D. degree, is comprised of three academic units:

  1. Department of Clinical and Administrative Sciences
  2. Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  3. Office of Experiential Education

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Our Values (ACEI2)

Our faculty, staff and student pharmacists pledge to work together to achieve our vision and mission by embracing:

  • Altruism
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Innovation

How to Apply

We look for applicants with the academic and professional promise necessary to become outstanding members of the pharmacy profession.

The two-step application process includes both:

The Admissions Process


NDMU school of Pharmacy reserves the right to revise the curriculum at any time when deemed necessary and to apply such revisions to registered and accepted students, and to new admissions.

Year: P-1
Fall Semester (17.5 credits)
Spring Semester (19.5 credits)
PHRD 315: Leadership & Pharmacy Practice 2 PHRD 306: Pharmacist Care Lab II 2
PHRD 301: Pharmaceutical Calculations 2 PHRD 309: Immunology 3
PHRD 303: Pharmaceutics I & Lab 4 PHRD 310: Care of Diverse Populations 3
PHRD 304: Pharmacist Care Lab I 2 PHRD 311: Pharmaceutics II & Lab 4
PHRD 305: Biochemistry 4 PHRD 312: Pharmacy Practice Management 3
PHRD 307: Applied Biomedical Sciences Workshop 3 PHRD 313: Pharmacotherapeutics I: Principles of Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacology* 2
PHRD 800: Career Development E-portfolio 0.5 PHRD 314: Pharmacotherapeutics II: Principles of Pharmacotherapeutics 2
    PHRD 800: Career Development E-Portfolio 0.5
Year: P-2
Fall Semester (18.5-20.5 credits)
Spring Semester (17 credits)**
PHRD 400: Biopharmaceutics & Clinical Pharmacokinetics 3 PHRD 405: Women’s Health Issues 2
PHRD 401: Clinical Research Design 3 PHRD 406: Pharmacist Care Lab IV 1
PHRD 404: Pharmacist Care Lab III 1 PHRD 408: Pharmacy Law & Ethics 3
PHRD 412: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences II 3 PHRD 410: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences I 3
PHRD 416: Pharmacotherapeutics III: Self-Care & Dermatology 3 PHRD 418: Pharmacotherapeutics V: Gastrointestinal Disorders 2
PHRD 417: Pharmacotherapeutics IV: Infectious Diseases 4 PHRD 420: Pharmacotherapeutics VI: Immunologic, Hematologic, Rheumatologic, & Neoplastic Disorders 4
PHRD 800: Career Development E-portfolio 0.5 PHRD 421: Pharmacotheraputics VII: Pulmonary Disorders 2
Professional Elective*** 1-3    
Year: P-3
Fall Semester (20-21 credits)**
Spring Semester (15.5-17.5 credits)
PHRD 410: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences I 3 PHRD 506: Pharmacists Care Lab VI 1
PHRD 504: Pharmacists Care Lab V 1 PHRD 508: Complementary Medicine & Human Nutrition 3
PHRD 505: Human Resources Management 3 PHRD 509: Evidence Based Medicine 2
PHRD 507: Public Health 3 PHRD 518: Pharmacotherapeutics XII: Central Nervous System Disorders 4
PHRD 510: Longitudinal Care I 1
PHRD 519: Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics
PHRD 514: Pharmacotheraputics VIII: Cardiovascular Disorders 4
PHRD 800: Career Development E-portfolio
PHRD 515: Pharmacotheraputics IX: Renal Disorders 2
Professional Elective***
PHRD 516: Pharmacotheraputics X: Endocrine Disorders & Women's Health 2    
Professional Elective*** 1-2
Year: P-4
Summer/Fall/Spring (39.5 credits)****
PHRD 700: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Ambulatory Care 5
PHRD 701: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Acute Care General Medicine 5
PHRD 702: Advanced Health Systems Pharmacy Practice 5
PHRD 703: Advanced Community Pharmacy Practice 5
PHRD 704: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Elective I 5
PHRD 705: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Elective II 5
PHRD 706: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Elective III 5
PHRD 707: Advanced Pharmacy Practice & Education Capstone 1
PHRD 800: Career Development E-portfolio 0.5 each
PHRD 710(Fall) NAPLEX Review I


PHRD 711(Spring) NAPLEX Review II 2
Total Program Credits = 144.5-149.5

*All Pharmacotherapeutics courses are taught sequentially within a semester

**Students take PHRD 412 Health System Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience in either P-2 Spring or P-3 Fall. For the semester that the you are not taking PHRD 412, subtract 3 credits from the total semester credits indicated on the chart.

***Students are required to complete a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of professional electives for graduation, which must be accomplished over a minimum of three (3) courses.

****All APPE are five weeks in duration except PHRD 707.

Certificate in Leadership and Entrepreneurship

In addition to the Doctor of Pharmacy program, the School of Pharmacy offers a Certificate in Leadership and Entrepreneurship. The courses are built into the doctorate program with only two additional courses (marked with *) which can be used to satisfy elective requirements.

PHRD 312 - Pharmacy Practice Management (3)
PHRD 505 - Human Resource Management (3)
PHRD 315 - Leadership & Pharmacy Practice (2)
PHRD 626 - *Fundamentals of Financial Management (3)
PHRD 627 - *Entrepreneurship (3)

Total Credits = 14

Room & Board

Access to free campus housing is offered on a needs basis - dependent on distance from school and availability. The housing scholarship only covers the Board; the Meal Plan is a student's responsibility.

All pharmacy students who wish to live on campus should discuss this with the pharmacy enrollment counselor.

Estimated Annual Room & Board Costs

Board (annual): $10,920
Meal Plan: $5,150

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What to Expect Studying at Notre Dame of Maryland University

Small class sizes, faculty mentoring, and hands-on experiences offer an environment of individualized learning while collaborative research opportunities enhance the student experience.

Innovation Grounded in Experience

Our Pharm.D. program reflects the most up-to-date practices and philosophies in the field, shaped by administrators and faculty with comprehensive research expertise and experience delivering care nationwide.

Exceptional Facilities

Many classroom and facilities on campus have been renovated or constructed especially for the School of Pharmacy, including the newly completed 25,000 square foot G. Avery Bunting Hall, which brings the total campus space to 40,000 square feet in support of the School. Technology rich classrooms, laboratories and office space support the work of students, faculty and staff.

Laura Calderon Lugo

Laura Calderon Lugo

Class of 2023 Spotlight: Laura Calderon Lugo

Alum, NDMU Class of 2023
Doctor of Pharmacy
Laura Calderon Lugo learned earlier this semester that she will be returning to her home in Puerto Rico much sooner than expected. Pharmacy residencies on the island are extremely competitive, with many of the limited opportunities typically offered to students who attend pharmacy school in Puerto Rico. The School of Pharmacy’s 2023 Class President, however, overcame those odds to earn a spot at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in San Juan beginning this fall.

Research Opportunities

One of the hallmarks of our rich educational environment is the opportunity to participate in research in your field of interest.

Independent Research Projects

Work with faculty in the Department of Pharmaceutical Science and Clinical Administrative Sciences to engage in biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacology and clinical research.

Faculty Student Collaborations

Nancy Kreiter Student Research Day provides the perfect forum to showcase your hard work with a formal research presentation to the Notre Dame community.

Community Outreach

Directly apply lessons from class into professional environments. Notre Dame of Maryland University has well-established partnerships with businesses and organizations throughout the area, providing exceptional opportunities for community outreach in the School of Pharmacy.


Notre Dame of Maryland University School of Pharmacy’s Doctor of Pharmacy program is accredited by:

Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
135 South LaSalle Street, Suite 4100
Chicago, IL 60503

Phone: 312-664-3575
Fax: 312-664-4652

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