All incoming students are required to submit appropriate vaccination documentation or a physician certified immunization certificate in order to enroll at Notre Dame of Maryland University except for students whose academic program is fully online and the online academic program does not have a required in-person clinical/practicum or service learning component(s).

In addition, students are required to complete a Tuberculosis (TB) screening before coming onto campus. TB screening will be completed using a standard questionnaire via Med+Proctor. Students who are deemed as high-risk according to the TB screening will have to provide documentation of a negative two step Tuberculosis Skin Test (TST) or a TB blood test (IGRA). Tuberculosis skin tests must be 2-4 weeks apart. If results are positive, students will have to provide documentation of a normal chest x-ray which shows no active TB disease. Students with previous positive results must provide an annual symptom review and a normal chest x-ray within a year.

Students who do not comply with the University’s immunization requirements will have registration holds placed on their account which will prevent them from registering for future academic terms. Residential students will not be permitted to move into on-campus housing until vaccination information is received and verified.

Students enrolled in professional healthcare programs (i.e. BSN, MSN, OTD, PA, and Pharm.D.) may have additional vaccination requirements beyond the University’s vaccination requirements.

Incoming students include:

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Re-entry
  • Transfer
  • International
  • Exchange

Required Immunizations

NDMU Immunization form

MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) – Two doses are required. The first MMR must be given on or after 12 months of age. The second MMR must be given at least 28 days after the first dose. A positive MMR titer will be accepted in lieu of this vaccination series if no records are available.

Tdap/Td (tetanus, diphtheria) – The Tdap or Td must be given within the last 10 years. The Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) vaccination is preferred.

Meningococcal (MenACWY/Menactra) – Maryland law requires enrolled students in a Maryland institution of higher education who reside in on-campus housing be vaccinated against meningococcal disease OR a waiver must be signed. A second dose must be given after age 16 or within the past 3 years.

Influenza – Flu vaccination remains highly recommended but is now optional, except for health-related programs (BSN, MSN, OTD, PA, and Pharm.D.). Our School of Pharmacy holds an on-campus flu vaccination each year.

COVID 19COVID-19 vaccination remains highly recommended but is no longer required for NDMU community members, with certain exceptions*. Additional information on COVID-19 vaccinations is available at the CDC’s website.

*NOTE – Students enrolled in professional healthcare programs (i.e. BSN, MSN, OTD, PA, and Pharm.D.) will continue to be required to be up to date on their COVID-19 and annual influenza vaccinations. For those students, additional information/instructions will be forthcoming from your applicable School Dean/Program Director and the University Nurse.

Immunization Exemptions

Students may file for an exemption for an immunization, but must still complete the remaining requirements and their Med+Proctor Profile. Students who are granted an exemption must submit all necessary documentation required for either a medical or religious exemption. Medical exemptions must be supported with paperwork signed by a medical provider.

Please note that in the event of an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable communicable disease on campus, students with exemptions will be required to leave campus until it is deemed safe for them to return by the City Department in conjunction with the Office of Health Services.

NDMU Immunization Chart

Submission Deadlines

Proof of required immunizations must be submitted and have a verified status by the following deadlines:

  • Fall Semester: Before first day or classes, or move-in day
  • Spring Semester: December 1
  • Summer Semester: April 1

How to Submit Immunization Records

NDMU has partnered with Med+Proctor to streamline the immunization verification process. We are excited to offer this service for our students. Follow these instructions to submit the proper immunization forms and information:

Download this PDF for instructions with screenshots.

Step 1: Register
  • Visit Med+Proctor and select "Register" to set up your account.
  • Type in your Notre Dame of Maryland University email address to get started and follow the prompts to register and confirm your account.
  • Please note your record will not be complete until you follow the link in your email to confirm your account.
Step 2: Enter Personal Information & Health History
  • Once your account is confirmed, please fill out the required information such as emergency contacts, health and medical history information, tuberculosis screening, as prompted.
  • When you get to the page, “Ready to Submit Your Documentation” you are given the option to upgrade to M+P Pro (green button). You can choose to pay $10 to have lifetime access to your immunization records through this portal.
  • Otherwise, you may select the gray button to continue.
Step 3: Download
  • Download your personalized immunization requirement form and give to your medical provider for completion.
  • If your answers on the Tuberculosis screen indicated you were required to get a Tuberculosis test, you will see this indicated on your paperwork.
  • Please note your provider may choose to use their own form, but it may slow the verification process.
  • You only need to download the meningitis waiver IF you wish to waive the required meningitis vaccine.
Step 4: Upload
  • Once you have your signed immunization records, you can log back into your Med+Proctor account and upload your forms.
  • Please double-check your completed forms have your provider’s office stamp and the provider’s signature.
  • You will receive an email confirmation when your forms have been reviewed and approved.

Questions & Support

If you have difficulty using Med+Proctor, you may contact support between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. via the live chat feature on the student portal. This feature is located in the bottom right of the screen. You may also email with your issue.