At NDMU, you'll find the INSPIRATION, WISDOM & CONFIDENCE to become all you aspire to be.

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  • Irnande Altema

    A Voice to Share with the World


    Irnande Altema, Esquire

    Alum, NDMU Class of 2007
    Notre Dame has allowed me to become my best self. First, my professors and others helped me to recognize that I indeed had a voice to share with the world. Next, NDMU helped me to deepen the knowledge and skills I needed to speak my mind and heart and to impact the lives of others.
  • Ashley Anderson

    Advocating for My Success


    Ashley Anderson

    Student, NDMU Class of 2022
    “Notre Dame has definitely helped me to become an advocate for myself. Being here has made me a stronger leader as I pursue internship opportunities.” Ashley is a 2021-22 scholar in the Sr. Alma Science Year program that places top NDMU students in research internships in labs at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.
  • John Boyle

    Prepared to Lead


    John Boyle

    Alum, NDMU Class of 2015
    I would not be leading my organization today, and I would not be leading it nearly as well, if not for my Notre Dame education. What I learned was practical, it was insightful, and it was exactly what I needed.”